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World Samoyed Meeting – UK

The World Samoyed Meeting happened in UK, Birmingham, this year. This event Started in 2000, when the Kennel Club of Milan, Italy, decided to do the first World Samoyed Meeting in conjunction with the World Dog Show.

After that the second World Samoyed Meeting was in Bratislava, Slovakia, in 2009, that more than 28 countries participated. At this meeting they decided to organize the next meeting in UK, this year.

The meeting has the goal to promote the union between the Samoyed Clubs around the World. Everybody wants to meet new friend of different countries, share knowledge and experiences. The event always has a very friendly atmosphere.
12 clubs participated in the meeting, and 9 companies sponsored the event.

The meeting started on Thursday, 30th August, in the Oak Tree Café with the “ Meet and Greet”. This was a time for everybody to meet other breeders and sammy people.

On Friday, 31st August was the dog show for the Northen Samoyed Society 50th Anniversary. The Judge was Mrs Denise Edmondson (South Africa).

Saturday, 1st September was another show with Mr Stuart Mallard judging and Seminars; “Let’s get rid of the Samoyed Standard” and at night was the Gala Night.

Sunday, 2nd September, last day, the Club sold some Samoyed items for the visitors and later others seminars happened: ‘Fertility Issues’; ‘The Samoyed as a Sled Dog’ and ‘Samoyed Nenets Native Stock Project’


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