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World Dog Show 2012

Salzburg is a wonderful place, close to Germany. It is a very famous city because some movies were made there and is the city that Mozart was born. Salzburg was the perfect city to held the World Dog Show. Very pretty and friendly city that there are a lot of places to walk with the dog and you can bring a dog in the restaurant and cafes out side. The World Dog Show this year was wonderful, in total 18607 dog enrolled from 56 countries. The countries that brought more dog were: Germany, Italy, Austria, Russia and Czech Republic. Each country of these brought more than thousand dogs for the show! And we had the incredible participation of countries so rare and far like: Azerbaijan, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Japan, Costa Rica, Israel, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, San Marino, South Africa, Thailand and Cyprus. Other important information was that this show had 139 judges from 34 different countries. World Dog Show 2012 had a brilliant team of expositors, judge and technical. Congrats for all organizers.

The show was in 3 days, Friday 18th, Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th of May. The place was huge with about 70 rings each day in 8 different halls. The World Champion Ship Heelwork to Music (HTM) & Freestyle and World Championship in Obedience were in a different places in Salzburg. The event was so beautiful and organized. Every entry had a map of the all halls and rings and some staffs were delivered flyer about the show. A lot of shops sold all types of product to dog, since food and biscuit until cages, baths, and equipments to cars.

The visitor could walk in the ways and see each breed in the ring. Sometimes some breeds were so full and a little bit difficult to appreciate. Breeds like English Bulldog, collie, Siberian husky, Labrador, golden retriever, French bulldog and more. The equip responsible of the cleaning was so good too. Rare times we could see wet and dirty floor in the way for the rings. And all staffs were so friendly and receptive with the public and expositors. In the main ring, Arena for the groups, veterans, puppies, junior handling, couple, breeding group, and Best in Show the team was so organized too and choice the best presenter, Mrs Dr. Tamas Jakkel that could interact with the public and explain many curiosity and typical structure of many breeds.

The only problem was for photographer that, sometimes, could not take properly picture of the dogs in the main ring because sometimes the handler and dog were with the back for the photographers. But the photographers could do a wonderful work and take lovely pictures! Thanks a lot for Dr, Katja H. Wolf, Manager Public Relations and Mgr. Thomas Holetz, Officer Public Relations for the brilliant show!
You were the best!

Ju Xavier
Arlequin Design

Have a look at the results of the World Dog Show here.
Have a look at the best photos here!


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