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Munster Circuit 2012 Centre

Have a look at the best photos and results of the Munster Circuit 2012! The ones most important shows from Ireland.

Tralee Show – 25th August
Results: Groups & BIS
Photos: click here

Limerick Show – 23rd August
Results: Groups & BIS
Photos: click here

Killarney Show – 21st August
Results: Groups & BIS
Photos: click here

Clonmel Show – 19th August
Results: Groups & BIS
Photos: click here

Navan Show – 18th August
Photos: click here

Every year in August you can go to Ireland to participate in the Munster Circuit! It is the biggest show in Ireland! One of the most tiring and the longest circuit in Europe!

The Munster Circuit consist of 4 shows  all breeds in 7 days, starting on 19th August with a one day break between each show and ending on 25th August. All the shows happen in the south region of Ireland that is very pretty and friendly.

Many of the people always go to the Munster circuit to get a very good holyday, normally with good weather and good Irish friends.

Many of the exhibitors go with  their family. It is not difficult to find a family with more than 6 people in a motor home that goes to Ireland to visit the places there and show their dogs.

The first show was in Clonmel, a small city between Dublin, the Capitol, and Cork, one of the big Cities in the South of Ireland.

The show was all outdoors, with big ring for breeds that need to have a good moviment and the day was very sunny.

The first show the final was:



3rd (St. IL DIVO ROLY BY LONGSDYLE (A & A Long-Doyle)

4th (Poodle Toy) TIRKANE LEGALLY BLOND (Miss A. & Miss K. Ingram & Ryan)


The Second show was in Killarney, a small city in the extrem south of Ireland, after Cork City.

The show was all outdoors as well, with many people and a very friendly atmosphere. We had a very good day again without rain.

The second show final was:

BIS  (Boxer) WALKEND BOY AT BESSBOX (Mr. D & Mr. P. Keenan Griffin)

2nd (Irish Water S.) FYNDER ON SHIFTING GROUND (J & J Caulfield & Furlong)

3rd  (Old English Sheepdog) LAMBLUVS LIVE THE DREAM (Mr. C & Mrs. R Hastings)

4th (Basset Hound) KNOCKOGUE ARTHURS LEGACY(Mr. B. & Ms. S. O’Neill & Stack)


The Third show was in Limerick that is located more in the midle of the South Region of Ireland.

In this show we had a little bit of rain in the begining of the day and the floor was wet but the weather improved and the sun came.

The Third show final was:


2nd (Rottweiler)  CUCHULAIN THE BRAVE  (Ms Cleary)

3rd (Alaskan Malamute) TOKOSHA ATKA (Mrs A Roper)

4th (Kerry Blue Terrier) KEBULAK DIRTY HARRY (Ms & Miss C & C Davani and Neill)


The Fourth and last show was in Tralee a city in the extreme South of Ireland. This was the last show on the Circuit and everybody was very tired. The feeling of that show was a “good bye and see you next year again”. A lot of friends were saying farewell to their Irish Friends.

The Last show final was:

BIS (Irish Wolfhound) BROUGHADOWEY TIR EOGHAIN (William & Joanne Mullen)

2nd (Kerry Blue Terrier) KEBULAK DIRTY HARRY (Ms & Miss C & C Davani and Neill)

4th (American Akita) RUSSCURRAGH’S ALL OR NOTHING (Mr Fran Murphy)


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