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Magda Kadziela

Clothes, cosmetics, parties are the main problems in today’s teenager’s world. However my world has changed since June 2006. 11th June I have became an owner of my very first dog Szila – Bernese Mountain Dog. Together we have been through a lot, I have got to know dogs’ world and started to interest in sports but first of all she has taught me to be patient and tolerant. She made me love living with dog, actively spending time like for example agility. We both definitely loved first trainings, seminars and camps.

Unfortunately Szila’s physical efficiency was becoming smaller every year. Then I started to think about the second dog and in December 2010 Tia appeared in our life – border collie bitch. When I took Tia I had everything planned – starting on name (Tia in Polish sounds like ‘ty l ja’ – you and me) and ending on vision of her as an agility champion. I forgot that life writes its own story, not always the same as we want, like it did in our case. No trainer, no equipment or training place and my technical mistakes in work with Tia (problems with proper jump) forced me to spend many nights and days on searching informations and talking with people about our problems.

After 6 months we were doing jumping skills exercises, I tried to find source of our problems – too fast rising poles? Wrong exercises? Maybe frisbee? I thought that Frisbee caused all our problems so I decided not to toss Frisbee again. Tia loves doing something with me so I have not noticed that she’s missing something until Frisbee camp in Annówka. We went there as a guests and our main plan was training agility because we were preparing to our first competitions.

However when I had discs and amazing trainers so close I couldn’t resist to show Tia Magda KadzielaFrisbee again. It was amazing feeling when I was watching how Tia catches Frisbee and how much fun she has. Furthermore when the first thing she did coming into agility place was fetching a disc which she found, then something changed in my head.
After a few day a very significant weekend had come – Brother Cup 2012 in Myslecinek – the place of our very first contest which happened to be the most propitious and lucky. We manged to stand on the winner’s rostrum twice.

Thoughts about frisbee came as fast as they went. Also I began to think that Tia is having problems with jumping again, so we put an end to it once more.
Summer holidays had come – the time of various journeys, seminars and camps.
We set off to the frisbee seminar as accompanying people, where I heard an awful lot of very pleasant opinions about Tia. Especially the way she looked at the disc made me want to do things I never thought I would! It turned out that we’re pretty good at it. At the time I read these words “I would love my dog to be as satisfied with me as I am with it”. It’s just a couple of words but they really changed my way of thinking. I realized that in the next two years I won’t have the chance to take part in the agility that I’d like to. The kind of agility that would allow us to start real training.
I would love if Tia was as satisfied with me as I am with her. I’m proud to say that I’m very pleased to have her by my side. I decided not to focus on just one specified sport – we’re simply going to have fun while developing in agility but also frisbee as well as dog dancing.

Magda KadzielaSince Tia is with me I taught her various more and less useful skills. Working with her and looking at how fast she’s learning brings me a lot of fun. We have many tricks mastered, I will try to set the in one piece and use the in frisbee. Now I know one thing – no matter how we do it, no matter how it comes out – Tia will always be My Private Master; regardless in which sport we’re going to achieve success or failures. The only thing that counts is that we’ll do it together while having fun. So if you’re planning to have a “sports dog” – that’s great, but remember that achievements or failures is not everything. You’re living with your dog everyday, you’re making a team that’s happy for being with each other and doing the things that both the dog and the owner love.


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