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Interview Sun Lions Kennel


Julinho Casares,

What country and city are you from?Sun Lions Kennel
Brazil, São Paulo

What is the name of your Kennel?
Canil SunLions

When did you open your kennel?
Three years ago.

What breed(s) do you currently have? Why?
Alaskan Malamutes, thirty nordic dogs , because they are Strong, sweet and thre is loyalty between them and their owner, Sheltie, Samoiedas, Dogo Argentino

What breed(s) did you have before?
I still have, Greitsers, Daustashatsds, Pastor Alemão, Golden, Labrador.

How many litters did you have so far?
Three litters.

How many dogs do you have at the moment?
33 dogs

Do you use to go to dog shows? What do you think about dog shows?
Yes, i take my dogs to expositions shows. I think it is really importante, cause it values a lot
the dogs’ breeds and their owners.

Do you handle your own dogs in dog shows?
I watch to all of them, but there is a handler who i trust.

Do you have any job related to dogs or live from your kennel?
I don’t live where my kennel is located, but i have my full attention focused on my dogs.

How do you select your puppies that you want to keep for yourself?
I choose carefully by their lineage.

How do you select the future owner of your dogs?
I do a research, and i approach the possibly owner to know more about him, to know how will be the dog’s treatment, and why does this person wants this dog for.

Do you think that your breed is popular? If not, do you think that your breed will become popular?
This is not a popular breed. I intend to make it popular because of their sweetness, fellowship, and great behavior with children.

What do you think about a breed that becomes popular?
People like what is exclusive, they intend to leave aside what becomes popular, but a pet is a part of the Family, people have to love them until the end of their lives.

Do you agree 100% with the standard of your breed(s)?

How old is your oldest dog?
Nick is 15 years old, and does not have a defined breed, but he is Strong and helthy, there is a long life ahead him.

What do you do with your old dogs?
I give love, i exercise them, i treat them like i treat all of my dogs, but i do not exercise them as much as i exercise the younger ones. I take care of their teeth cause it is fundamental for their feeding and i play with them.

What are your goals to your breeding?
To keep puppies that have good personality and temperament, and that are from a good Champion lineage.

What characteristics do you look for in your females and males?
Good temperament and a notable beauty.

What morphologic and mental characteristics do you think that is most important?
The intelligence , because from the intelligence the dog develops the obedience and cunning to follow his owner.

What are the main problems in your breed and what do you want to do to fix those?
We cannot think only about the economic profits, we have to think about their genetic profits.

Have you ever had genetic problems in your breeding, what did you do? If not, what would you do?
I haven’t , happily. And there is not this risk, at least not with my dogs, cause i always study a lot before put my dogs to mate. It is not only my responsability, it is a social responsability.

What do you do to be sure that your dogs are good for the working that they were created?
I see that by training my dogs. By looking at them training, i can tell if they want to run, if they are doing that as a funny thing to do, not as a job, and they go as they ar going to play, spontaneously.

Julinho Casares
Sun Lions Kennel

Sun Lions Kennel


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