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Interview Império Ingá Kennel

Kennel Interview

Tell us about your story and let the world know about you!

What is your name?
My name is Maria Jose Barbosa

What country and city are you from?
Brazil, Parana State, Umuarama.

What is the name of your Kennel?
Canil Império Ingá

When did you open your kennel?
In 2002.

What breed(s) do you currently have? Why?
West Highland White Terrier, because breed westies is a dream since I was a child.

What breed(s) did you have before?
English Pointer, boxer and weimaraner.

How many litters did you have so far?
23 litters.

How many dogs do you have at the moment?
I have 12 adults and 13 youngs and puppies.

Do you use to go to dog shows? What do you think about dog shows?
I’d like to go more times than I used to. I used to go 3 or 4 times a year. I love dog shows, for meeting old friends and new ones, to talk about dogs, to see dogs and breeds, to leave my dogs being judge (it’s important for breeding this kind of judgement), to win titles with my dogs.

Do you handle your own dogs in dog shows?
No, because I don’t have much time to travel with them and I became nervous to showing them.So I contract a Hanlder.

Do you live from your kennel?
No. I’m a professor at University, breeding dogs is my hobby.

How do you select your puppies that you want to keep for yourself?
Based on breed type, temperament and healthy.

How do you select the future owner of your dogs?
First of all, I talk a lot with the future owner, about time he is spending with dog, if has money to maintain the dog, because I explain all the costs he will have, If he has thinking about having a dog during 12, 14 or 15 years, if he’s house is prepared to have a dog (swimming pool), if are children there and which is the age, if exists another dog and which breed  and sex.

I wrote a material with details about breed and how to care a westie.
The final decision of the future owner getting or not a westie is his, but I advice everything about good and not to good things about getting a dog.

Do you think that your breed is popular? If not, do you think that your breed will become popular?
No, it doesn’t. I don’t think so, because it’s a breed that have costs to maintain the coat.

What do you think about a breed that becomes popular?
It’s dangerous, because many people would like to breed, and most of the people don’t study about correct breed type or health or temperament.

Do you agree 100% with the standard of your breed(s)?
No. The standard suggests a type of coat that it’s difficult to maintain in home.

How old is your oldest dog?
Almost 13 years old.

What do you do with your old dogs?
My old dogs (above 6 years old) stay with me, my younger dogs, if someone known is interessed of getting them I gave. But, I always say if anything happens and the person could stay no more, please return to me, don’t give the dog to another one.

Do you keep puppies of each litter?

What are your goals to your breeding?

Now, I’m satisfied with texture of coat, fertility, maternal hability, type andtemperament.

What characteristics do you look for in your females and males?
Females: breed type, healthy, fertility, maternal hability and temperament.
Males: breed type, healthy, fertility and temperament.

What morphologic and mental characteristics do you think that is most important?
Morphologic: bones and texture of coat
Mental: temperament

What are the main problems in your breed and what do you want to do to fix those?
For me, the most difficult is the front of westie.Get good angles on the sholders and correctly forelegs.

Have you ever had genetic problems in your breeding, what did you do? If not, what would you do?
Yes. I castrated the dog. As I said I m very concern about the Healthy of the breed.

What do you do to be sure that your dogs are good for the working that they were created?
First of all, I spend a lot of time with the puppies since they’re born, to  know exactly if they are fine and according to the breed. Then, I separate some puppies and they go to kennel to stay with the handler, and there, the handler will separated the best ones.


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