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Interview: Artist Dan Mabe

Dan keeps in touch with the arts from an early age, since which is part of a family of artists starting with his grandfather Manabu Mabe (1924 -1997). In 1999, at age 12, he exhibited his works the first time in the 28th Bunkyo Contemporary Art Salon where he was awarded.

Brazilian, graduated in the University of Belas Artes of São Paulo has participated in group exhibitions and art salons in Brazil and abroad, and the most recent held in London at the prestigious Pure Evil Gallery.

Dan MabeHis production revolves around issues related to living together, he represents characters on screen with urban characteristics as human figures often on a crowded space, set in an urban context or portraying themes of Brazilian culture as samba, capoeira and regional parties. In addition to human figures, he uses in his works characters that refer to the image of the dog, this is due to fact that the dog be one of the few animals that were present in life of man since the dawn of civilization to this day today, helping them with tasks such as hunting, guard, guide to blind or serving as a pet. In some studies portrays the stray dog, mutt, as a form of reflection on the importance of ethnic, cultural and miscegenation that we encounter in Brazil.

His work develops through modalities such as drawing, paintings on canvas and other media, sculptures, installations and urban interventions.

In the words of art critic Prof. Enock Sacramento better understand the work of Dan Mabe: “As the grandfather, Dan sees art as an expression of an inner imperative, but its way of making art is diverse in its phase of Manabu maturity. Dan is a figurative artist and his language has its origin in street art, although it is not a graffiti writer tout court.”

1. Why and how did you start your artwork with dogs?
When I was a kid I used to draw dogs because I always had contact with dogs in my house and in the streets of my hometown (São Paulo – Brazil). When I grewn up I realized that sometimes, dogs live like humans and humans like dogs, so I started to drawing dogs doing human activities, trying to talk about the life in society with my artwork.

2. What is your main influence for your work with dogs?
My main influence is situations that happens everyday in the chaotic streets of São Paulo. I observe people everywhere: working, buying, drinking and all the things people used to do, and I try to put it on my work.

3. How did you develop your art style?
I developed my art style based in my own way of drawing, mixed with influences of graffiti, expressionism and pop art.

4. What events did you take part? And what awards did you win?

2005-2008 Graduated in Visual Arts
Institution: University of Belas Artes, São Paulo.
Local: São Paulo – SP

2009 Impressions of atelier: experiences from the engraving of Lasar Segall
Institution: Lasar Segall Museum
Local: São Paulo – SP

2003 – Drawing model in MAM (Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo) guided by Teresa Berlinck.
Institution: Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo
Local: São Paulo – SP


  • 2010 Fourth Great Exposition of Art Bunkyo – Local: São Paulo – SP
  • 2009 Third Great Exposition of Art Bunkyo – Local: São Paulo – SP
  • 2008 Second Great Exposition of Art Bunkyo – Local: São Paulo – SP
  • 2007 First Great Exposition of Art Bunkyo – Local: São Paulo – SP


  • 2012 Múltiplo In-comum – group exhibition – Local: A7MA Galeria – São Paulo, Brazil.
  • 2012 Dan Mabe – Solo Exhibition – Local: Galeria 11.16 – Campinas – Brazil.
  • 2012 Dia do Graffiti (Graffiti’s day) – Group exhibition – Local: Ação educativa – São Paulo – Brazil.
  • 2012 Dogs – Solo exhibition – Local: Dog Resort – São Paulo – Brazil.
  • 2011 Sonho Urbano (Urban Dreams) – Solo exhibition – Local: Joh Mabe Espaço Arte & Cultura – São Paulo – Brazil.
  • 2011 Arte do Brasil – Local: Burg Kronberg – Kronberg – Alemanha.
  • 2011 Brazilian Art in Germany – Local: BBK Aachen Galerie – Aachen – Alemanha.
  • 2010 3 in London – Local: Pure Evil Gallery – London Newcastle Project Space – London.
  • 2010 Lúcia Hinz Gallery exhibition – Local: Alsdorf – Germany.
  • 2010 Art Open 2010 – Local: The Municipal Government of Eschweiler – Germany.
  • 2010 Panorama Brasil em Movimento – Local: Casa do Brasil – Lisbon – Portugal.
  • 2010 Panorama Brasil em Movimento – Local: Casa da América Latina – Lisbon – Portugal.
  • 2010 Panorama Brasil em Movimento exhibition – London – Local: King’s College – London – England.
  • 2010 Panorama Brasil em Movimento exhibition – Frankfurt – Local: General Consulate of Brazil – Volkshochschule Frankfurt Am Main – Germany.
  • 2010 OH! São Paulo exhibition – Local: Espaço Arte 3058A – São Paulo – SP – Brazil.
  • 2009 Panorama Brasil em Movimento exhibition – Portugal – Local: Nova de Lisboa University – Lisbon – Portugal.


  • 2011 TOYP (Ten Outstanding Young Persons) winner – Cultural Achievement – Junior Chamber International (JCI) Brazil.
  • 2009 “Gold Medal Award” at Eric Art – 33 years showing the Brazilian art for the world.
  • 2008 “Silver Medal Award” at the Second Great Exposition of Art Bunkyo.
  • 1999 “Magical Ink Award” at the Twenty Eighth Bunkyo Contemporary Art Salon.

5. Have you ever showed your art to dog lovers in a Dog Event (as a Dog Show for example)?
No, I never made an exhibition in a Dog Event, but one time I made an art show in a hotel for dogs in my town, called “Dog Resort”.

6. What work style do you enjoy doing most of all?
I don’t think I have one single style that I enjoy doing most of all, because I like to mix styles to reach the image that I want to show in my artwork.

7. Who are your main clients? Do you have orders from dog lovers (as Dog Breeders for example)?
My main clients used to be collectors, people who look for art of young artists and people who want to have something original and creative in their houses. Sometimes in openings of art shows people come and tell me histories about their dogs, lots of my clients are dog lovers and for sure that should be one of their reasons to be my clients.

Dan MabeDan Mabe


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