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FCI Asia and the Pacific Dog Show

Hocus Pocus Wild Fantasy, a Yorkshire Terrier from Thailand, was named the Best in Show (BIS) winner of the 2012 Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) Asia and the Pacific Section Dog Show. As champion, he will be competing at the Eukanuba World Championship Dog Show later this year. Rock This Town, a Pekingese from Thailand, took second place, while Damascusroad Harry by the Sea, a Pomeranian, placed third.

Organized by the Philippine Canine Club, Inc. (PCCI), the event featured prime purebred dogs from the Philippines and around the globe. Events included agility trials, a grooming seminar, mondioring demo and a “Meet the Breeds” exhibit. Almost 500 foreign and local entries participated in the series of competitions, which included the country’s first flyball competition. The judges and championship titles are all recognized by FCI member countries, as well as The American Kennel Club, The Canadian Kennel Club, and The Kennel Club of the United Kingdom.

The Yorkshire Terrier also received BIS honors during the 42nd FCI All-Breed Championship Dog Show, and second BIS at the 41st FCI and 24th Asia Kennel Union (AKU) All-Breed Championship Dog Shows, respectively. Nanta Tansacha, the Yorkie’s owner, said the dog has won at least 12 major titles worldwide, including the New York Specialty Best of Breed, Yorkshire Terrier Club of Greater New York in 2012.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Andvol Pinkerton from Russia, won BIS at the 464th PCCI and 24th AKU All-breed Championship Dog Shows. “The dog has won many awards, including world champion and triple champion in Europe. He is very professional, and the handler played a major role in the dog’s victory,” said Olga Shuvalova, owner of the award-winning canine, which received second BIS at the 42nd FCI and 25th AKU All-breed Championship Dog Shows

The biggest Philippine-bred winner was Gabby the Beagle. She won BIS at the 41st FCI All-breed Championship Dog Show, and placed third at the 464th PCCI All-breed Championship Dog Show. The dog was also judged the Best Philippine bred at the 464th PCCI, 41st and 42nd FCI All-breed Championship Dog Shows

“We make Gabby feel special, and it shows in her personality and showmanship,” said Vernon Araneta, professional handler and trainer. “We’re overwhelmed. It’s a very big thing for us to showcase what we have, especially when we have competitors from overseas.”

Bon Reyes, Mary Montelibano, And Donato Poblador Own The Prized Beagle

“The Beagle won because of its expression and correct size, but it was her temperament that gave her the edge because she was still lively even after a long day,” added FCI-licensed judge Saija Juutilainen

The jumping champions were Boston Terrier for small-sized breeds; Beagle for medium-sized breeds, and Labrador for large-sized breeds. Top prizes for agility went to the Beagle and Belgian Malinois, for medium and large-sized breeds, respectively. Meanwhile, the Mondio Ring Wolfpack dominated the flyball competition, followed by Urban Sports K9 and RR Flaming Flyballers. [philStar]


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